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Jessica Gillaspy

Texas Woman's University
Assistant Clinical Professor for School of Health Promotion and Kinesiology
Denton, TX

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The journey of my career path has contained many chapters. The sections have varied from being exciting, nurturing, passionate, demanding, challenging, and flourishing, to motivating. The experience gained in the last 20 years in the field in combination with my education has given me a unique fingerprint in the field of Health Promotion/Education and wellness. It has developed into a holistic view encompassing the wellness dimensions as they interweave to create a person’s quality and quantity of life. It has led me to discover more about the importance of psychology along with the innovation of how to implement behavior changes among various populations. This stems from my array of experiences in diverse settings such as corporate, military, community, family, mental health, and academic setting. I have lectured in a wide variety of universities across the country, all in departments of Health Promotion/Education, Wellness, & Kinesiology.
Additionally, along my path, I attained a variety of certifications to carry on my education in the field. I achieved my CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist) as well as AFAA personal training, Cooper Institute aerobic fitness and Cycling, American Lung Association smoking cessation facilitator, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) training, suicide prevention training, American Red Cross CPR and first aid, and a yoga certification. I appreciate the continuing process of accomplishing any knowledge I can about all the areas of wellness and challenging myself to practice the balance of it within my own life. I specifically relish increasing my expertise in behavior modification, mediation, and mindfulness. My specialization in psycho-social allows me to explore the root issues with health behaviors. I also am regularly seeking to find pioneering ways to reach diverse populations as distinct groups go through several shifts in life. I thrive on figuring out the tricky puzzle of applying wellness in realistic ways throughout the unique stages of life. This is something I am consciously aware of throughout my own life as well.  For example, balancing the changing world during our distinctive time while also being a mother, an employee, a mentor, a house sustainer, an empath, an animal caretaker, and the rest of basic life while staying well in the dimensions of wellness. I frequently come into awareness and reflect on myself with my daughter to find the most practical ways to execute wellness in our lives.
When I am not working, I do adore playing with my daughter along with my 3 cats, a German Shepard dog, and 2 hamsters. They help keep me present at the moment and to be where my feet are. I also enjoy being outside, researching wellness, psychology, spiritual wellness, and metaphysical topics.  I love meditating and working out as well as love self-exploration and awareness activities for growth. I am a lifelong learner with never-ending curiosity. Life is my lesson and each day I am eager for what it will teach me so that I may develop to be my best self as well as help others do the same in a balanced manner. The quote that resonates with me is by George Bernard Shaw when he states, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”. This has been my career creation so far with many more chapters to come. Than